Thursday, October 6, 2011

Someone to watch over us

ISO 200
I woke up early to take a few picture of my adopted city, I wanted to see her at night with no interruptions or distractions from commerce, foot traffic and the sounds that come along for the ride.  I had her to myself for a night a great opportunity to spend time together and learn about each other.  I have never seen her quite like this and it was extremely exciting.  I was a perfect gentlemen and a little nervous but I treated her with respect and only had eyes for her that night and in return she watched over me.  If I had to equate it to anything it would have to be a first date with an old friend.  Completely new and exhilarating yet surprisingly comfortable and relaxing all at the same time. I was truly the luckiest guy for about three hours.

I think we all need someone like that in our lives, someone to take care of us when times get rough and when that road seems too long to traverse.  We can all do this on our own but a little help from a trusted friend is always appreciated.  She provided many great opportunity's that night to perfect me as a person, and it was that type of team work that I felt and wanted to hold on to as long as I could.  Because this shot was not the easiest task for me, I had to be patient and very observant of my surroundings. Unfortunately patience is not a strong suit of mine, but I'm learning and working to perfect the art of "delayed gratification".

I walked for a few hours taking pictures of buildings, street signs, and even cars parked along the side of the street.  While on my walk I looked to the left and see a moment in time that I wanted to keep.  I setup the tripod and compose the shot.  With the birds chirping in the distance my camera contributes to their song with chirping of its own.


  1. It is a very nice picture and story. Its amazing how the same picture can make us feel different. So many memories .... and what a cute scenario.

  2. I like how you equated it to a first date. Its puts some life into it that people can relate to. The story kept my attention, but most of all I (and everyone else) gets a chance to see it through your eyes. Well done..

  3. John you were first and I want to thank you for reading, Mia I would also love to hear what you have to say ;)
    Norma thanks for being a avid reader of my blog, you have been such an amazing friend to me when I needed it the most. I know you are busy with your beautiful baby girl, send me a picture.
    Jessica!!! Your very smart I think you picked up on it quit quickly. Thanks for reading and for continuing being a fan.


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