Thursday, October 20, 2011

All apologies!

I wanted to apologies for missing my deadline this last Thursday.  I have been  traveling and was a victim of procrastination.  My excuses is my iPad is not the best for typing long post such as a blog and maybe for Christmas I will get a Bluetooth keyboard.  So yeah... Spoiled and worried about carpal tunnel syndrome (not even sure if I spelled it correctly.) One interesting thing I have noticed is that while not having another option ie a desktop or laptop, I have become quite handy with this guy and have been "tweeting" a lot more.  Come check me out @whi5k3y.  (shameless advertisement )
Bad news I will be down here for another week. :( I know not the news you were hoping to hear but...  I'll be here updating from my iPad any and all interesting news.  I know this is a photo blog but since I'm on my iPad the pictures might be a little less then stellar. Interesting news I broke my blog while playing with the HTML I broke the background and some of the side bar tools... And I will admit I'm not 1337 enough to fix it from the iPad, but please feel free to help me correct it throw some advice my way via a comment.  I welcome any help I can get.  In other news I started a 500px account that I am very happy with and was able to change my name to whi5key, so yeah check out my work there if you have a minute to burn.
Goodnight guys from a Holiday inn express

Uploading a picture with the pad is not so hot, I can use a URL from one of my social sites but the process is being a jerk. So I'm sorry to say no photo until I figure a few shortcuts around its limitations.

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