Thursday, October 13, 2011

A good friend

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Many of you might know that as of a month ago I rededicated myself to go running three times a week.  Running provides a great opportunity to burn off stress, extra calories, and when I'm alone with my thoughts it helps me get my life into perspective.  When I first started to run I was pretty awful walking more often then not, with practice I have observed much improvement.  That being the case I thought I might be ready to compete in a "long distance race".

When I first heard about this race a few years back I have to admit I was drawn to its' non intimidating nature and calming effects from the beautiful colors during its fall season much like a soft soothing voice whispering in your ear, the terrain was beautiful by anyone's standards, beautiful tall trees provide shade and protection, one could get lost just staring at their magnificence and a cool breeze blew off the lake like the way a women touches your skin with her lips.  There would be some travel required because this race was not in Texas but the distance did not scare me.  I knew I was going to be successful as long as I gave it my all and my heart was in the right place.

A few days before the race I would hear about a runner who was not very enthusiastic and didn't want to compete, let me clarify he did not want anyone to know he was competing and quit a few times prior but would try again a year or so later when it was convenient.  The bottom line is that he didn't care one way or another and took important matters for granted, he squandered the trust of others and was oblivious to their emotions.  I don't like to look down on others but after hearing a few horror stories I knew in a character contest I stood hands down the better man.

The day of the race came and trust me I was excited, a little nervous perhaps it was the newness of it all.  I remember the smell of the cool morning air the way my feet felt inside my shoes.  Lining up getting ready for the signal to start the race my stomach turning I think we call it butterflies.  Then at exactly nine in the a.m. I hear the pistol fire...

I would love to finish this story with a "happily ever after" ending but I can't, trust me it would please me to give that ending to you.  Please don't be sad for me I have experienced loss before and I will have to deal with it in the future.  Growing and learning is what we do, its why we as people (humanity) will continue to thrive even in the face of adversity.  The important thing to remember here is that we have all tried and failed at one time or another.  It's the effort that counts and effort is not difficult it's relative to the situation and once we stop trying is when we start failing.
So have a good cry, talk with your friends and family, and remember the sun will rise tomorrow.

This photo is dedicated to who now is "a good friend"

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