Friday, October 21, 2011

An email that hit hard

I received an email from a good friend that had recently read Photo-logic. I was extremely nervous to hear her thoughts on it because she's in my top 5 list of amazing writers. I knew she would not sugar coat it, NOT one bit. After I read her email my first impression was WTF except I was quite loud with the obcenity, as a matter of fact I had to read it a few times just to make sure I was not miss reading anything. Who is this writer that had me sitting on pins and needles? Please allow me to tell you.
Courtney Perkes is a phenomenal writer for The Orenge County Register and probably the most honest person out there. We first met in Austin during SXSW and spent the entire day listening to moving music, drinking cold beer, watching interesting documentries, and eating the best vegitarian pizza. I had the honor of meeting her sister and brother as well both fantastic and interesting people.
When I first started writing I shared a very personal story with another professional writer. She gave it back to me with so much red ink on it that I no longer recognised it. My first thought was "Did I just get an F" Fortunatly for her we were in the middle of a coffee shop but if we had not been I probably would have told her off. I swore then and there I would never let someone critique my work. (That lasted about 3 months) So I ask Courtney to read my blog and provide me a little feed back of my new creation. Her reply is "I'll email you later" trust me this was not what I wanted to hear from her. I was preparing for the worst possible review, (note to self let's be positive) anyway worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair it gives you something to do but you don't get anywhere by doing it.
I'm posting a copy of her email below, no changes have been made to it you can ask her if you don't believe me.

Hi James,
I had no idea you were a talented writer as well as photographer. Your blog entries are fun, personal and relatable. The water at the river walk looks like glass. How did you take the photo? Court

I never answered her question so I thought it would be appropriate on this post. In my post "Someone to watch over us" I wanted to keep a low ISO (the sensors sensitivity) or you could think of it as the sensitivity of the film, now because of this I was going to need a long exposure. I left the shutter open for 30 seconds so any movement from the water blurred in the picture. Giving the water in the picture a glassy look, it also helped that there was no wind that day. To show another example of this, stay tuned because I'll be posting another picture that needed a long exposure giving the ocean a unique look. I want to thank everyone for being patient with me, soon I'll be home and be able to upload some amazing pictures for you. Keep looking or you can add this site to your reader and you will be notified of my next post.

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