Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mr. Winters I want to be a photographer

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Who wants to be a photographer?
I knew that being a photo journalist for National Geographic would be my dream job, however I ended up being a day dreaming systems technician.  In the grand scheme of things I shot a little to the right but I have to blame myself. I was afraid that pursuing a career that involved creativity might be beyond my capabilities and that I should put effort into something more "practical". (Note to self never sell yourself short, most importantly to yourself) I would much rather be a poor starving photographer, as a posed to a poor starving systems technician. The chance to travel to distant lands, and see first hand the wonders of the world. The opportunity to see people live their lives in different countries experiencing culture first hand, new adventures everyday good and bad. I wanted to witness and record them with a camera and at that time I did not care what I had. Leica, Nikon, Canon, Pentax or even a disposable just as long as I had a camera by my side.  I am willing to do what ever it takes to be the best.  This requires work, work that I want and willing to do.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to promote my work and keep myself taking pictures everyday for new and original content.  My hope for what I'm putting out is for somebody with that same dream to take the plunge and share their experiences with others.

Who here found the artist that inspired them and sent them an email or letter?
Guilty once again!
An amazing photographer by the name of Dan Winters inspired me to work hard, and push myself to create everyday, and to keep pushing never settling for average. When I first saw his photography I was in love he has the ability to see past a persons physical appearance and.... "Now this might sound like a cliché but he captures their emotions, thoughts, joy, and fears". We see actors one way but by viewing his work you no longer see an actor you see a man or women that you can relate to. Someone with vulnerabilities, and when I continued to look through his catalog, I knew I wanted to capture this type of honesty as well. I recomend you go to his site and look at his work, I think you will find a new artist that inspires you.  I found this amazing article in which he is interviewed for a little Q&A Dan Winters interview is done in three parts, and is a must read.

I sent him an email explaining who I was and that I really enjoyed looking at his art.  I told him that his photography moved me into becoming a better photographer and that one day he would see my work out there in the world.  I was... well still am a little confident.  I also sent him a picture that I thought he would enjoy.  This picture here is what I sent.  One week later he replied to me and told me to keep up the good work and that I had done a very good job with my photograph, I wish I could find the email, but I think I accidentally deleted it I can't find it anywhere.  Yes I am VERY mad at myself.  Anyway its not the end of the world, he was probably being polite but it encourages me to work hard and take risks.

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  1. Inspiration keeps you moving towards the right direction. Your writing and photographs are inspiring to me.


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