Thursday, September 29, 2011

An old story in a new light

ISO 1000
I fell in love for the first time on Christmas day, I was young, naive and inexperienced and in the end I lost her. However I could never forget a love affair like that, she took my breath away as Berlin would say. (I hope you get that reference) A young couple spending every waking moment with each other and yet there was no boredom no lulls, we worked well together as if it was "meant to be" I remember to others we were too perfect, some called it luck but I knew it was jealousy talking. I bragged to everyone trust me I rubbed it in their faces.
We lasted some time and shared many great moments that I keep to this day and when we finally parted ways it was amicable. I found new interests and perused them with no impunity to the consequences. I grew as a person, and we interacted less everyday until it was a distant memory. Between me and you I would think about "us" especially when I didn't have a partner in crime. Thoughts of the warm summer sun on my face, and Saturday afternoon outings to the beach just a couple of many.
This last Christmas we like "a pair of star-cross'd lovers" met again. We took to each other as if no time had passed, and the fire still burns bright. I wish everyone had this passion in their hearts, I found it twice and I don't intend to lose it again. Nine months have passed and we have been doing very well. Hopefully with this blog I can show you what we have done, and will continue doing. Treat her with respect, patience and she will never let you down.
I took this picture for a contest hosted by National Geographic they were looking for a photo that showed the theme of travel. I did not have any pictures of distant lands or one of the wonders of the world. I thought about it and submitted a travel around Texas series this photo was taken in Corpus Christi around 6:30pm on Ocean Drive. I like the geometric patterns and how the lines in the foreground lead to the subject. The thinking position is my homage to Rodin and by luck we got a light above his head. 

Photography is my north star and with her in my life again I'll never lose my way.

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